Holiday Letting Investment

If you're in the market to sell a Gold Coast apartment it's worth thinking about what you might be able to do to maximise the amount you can get from the sale. Just a small amount of effort can net you a good increase in sale price so it's definitely worthwhile considering your options.

Consider who your buyers are
If you’re selling a family home it can be difficult to think of it as a product, but thinking of the property this way emphasizes how important it is to know your buyer. What kinds of people are buying Gold Coast apartments, and who is likely to be interested in buying yours? When you know who your potential buyers are, it’s easier to style the property in a way that they will consider appealing.

Make a good first impression
When you’re styling an apartment, the way the property looks from the street isn’t really a factor. However, it’s worthwhile thinking about what kind of first impression the apartment makes when people enter. A welcoming entry-way can have the same positive effect as a well-tended front garden, by eliciting a positive initial reaction.

Create a neutral background
One of the most well-known tenets of selling a property is that interested buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in it. To that end, one effective strategy is to give the property a make-under. Remove as much clutter as possible and try to create a neutral colour scheme, to create a spacious canvas onto which prospective buyers can project their own ideas.

Highlight the most attractive features
When you're preparing a Gold Coast unit for sale, your main objective is to make the space look as attractive as possible. So, what you want to do here is highlight what makes the space special. For instance, if the living room has a large wall of windows that lets in lots of natural light, arrange the room’s furniture to make the most of it. If the kitchen has open-style shelving, style the shelves in a way that captures attention.

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